Don’t Vote 09 Campaign is an Act of Treason

Mizoram a tiny state to the North East went polls yesterday to record a turnout of over 74%.

In Delhi which went to polls on saturday over 60% turned out to vote, a record turnout in stark contrast to the dismal turnout in earlier local body elections and the 2003 assembly elections.

Madhya Pradesh which went to polls as news of the terrorist attack on Mumbai trickled registered a record 69.3% turnout.

Jammu & Kashmir which just concluded the 3rd phase of polling recorded 62% turnout.

Irrespective of their political affiliations Indians across the country have sent one message to the terrorists who struck Mumbai and to their sponsors in undemocratic Pakistan a resounding message by reposing their faith in India’s Democracy.

Now it appears that a small but vocal minority from the usually non-voting upper middle class with its conscience perked over the failure of the State in response to the War on Mumbai have come up with a quixotic campaign called “Don’t Vote 2009“.

So the brightest idea these dim-wits could come up with to fix accountability of the political leadership is to basically leave the contest to lobbies and pressure groups to elect their favorites while the common man in their opinion should just sit out.

The utter naivety of this campaign apart, it raises serious constitutional questions of voter intimidation.

It is this defeatist mindset of the upper middle class which as at the heart of the current political culture.

Having sat out of previous elections with similar attitude this section of the urban middle class has done precious little to exercise its influence over the political process. When it did choose to engage the politicians it was to patronise a political culture that curries political favor through connections and nepotism.

Having never seriously engaged the mainstream political parties by making their votes count, these dim-wits now want to mislead the Youth of India and First Time Voters into believing that the smartest thing to do to clean up the political system is to somehow turn your back on the very process that makes politicians accountable.

But here is what makes this so called Dont Vote Campaign an act of treason.

It basically sends a message to the Terrorists who struck Mumbai and to their sponsors in Pakistan that they were right to strike at our democracy and our way of life for that Democracy is not worth fighting for and defending. They want to send the message to the Terrorists that this democracy is so dispirting that one is better off sitting out of the very process of elections that makes it work rather than get engaged to make it accountable and effective.

Offstumped Bottomline:

A Vote not Cast is a Vote in support of the Terrorists

In a year when evern Kashmiris have opted for the Ballot over Bullets, a Dont Vote Campaign championed by educated upper middle class voters of Mumbai is not just foolish and misguided but actually dangerous.

India’s War on Terror is not merely a fight against terrorists but it is a fight to defend our democracy and our way of life. That War cannot be won by sitting out of elections.

If you are disappointed with the current class of politicians then get engaged in the political process. If you dont have it in you to participate in the political process then atleast rally behind those who can.

But for godssake dont allow your defeatist mindset to prejudice the youth and first time voters against exercising their franchise.


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  1. Yoss,

    This is some fringe stuff that will have little or no impact. Please let us not waste our time on these people and discuss the more important issues.


  2. I live in Bombay and I am aghast at the dammn SMS’s doing rounds, to boycott Votes, claiming NO FATIH IN THE SYSTEM.
    Today, perpetrators of this heinous advice are holding another stupid candle light vigil to DECIDE on FUTURE COURSE OF ACTION.
    I am against it and want to use my only weapon against the system .i.e. GOVERNMENT, My Vote.
    I have got into running arguments with fellow commutter, friends who have fallen for this trap.
    I am 100% convinced that this is plant by the loser Congress / UPA and their cohorts in the media to give them yet another chance to win elections in Maharashtra. Voter Apathy in the middle class helps only the Congress/UPA.
    This dangerous nonsense propagated by jholawalas, Page 3 Pinkos clearly shows how biased and bottomless stupid they are.

  3. These secularists are so blinded by nonsensical stuff discussed when they high on booze and the poisonous puff they smoke in their big do’s, has bankrupted their thought process.

    Time has come for a change and nothing I repeat nothing will stop this change.



    Don’t you think there is some sinister hand behind this campaign. Now-a-days the middle class is coming out to vote and that is why the percentage of voting is high or very high. The middle class normally votes for the right or right of centre parties and hence the left and secular terrorist forces fear that they may have to face a defeat. They are assured of the votes of their vote banks and those purchased for a price or liquor. I fear that their dirty hands are behind the campaign to salvage whatever is possible.

    Not voting is a crime. In a democracy this is our primary duty. Without doing that duty just blaming the authority is of no use. Yes, we should use of right to vote, and vote out this evil rulers who are ruining our country and throwing open our country to the terrorists, anti-national and anti-social elements to create mayhem with impunity. Vote out terrorists.

  5. These people are sickos . The fact of the matter is though we might be discounting the power of such candlelight dinners and gettogethers, I am noticing many people are joining this groups of dimwits. The rationale given by them is beyond my understanding and the way the media is giving them importance siganals a sinister design by the congress, commies and elite all mixed together in this.

    These idiots dont realise they are helping the terrorists by indulging in such foolish acts. Vivek Oberoi in midday has also joined this bandwagon of not voting . More than the terrorists these idiots will take us to ruin by their stupid buffonery.


    “Asked would Pakistan turn terrorists over to India if it had the proof, Zardari said: “If we had the proof, we would try them in our courts, we would try them in our land and we would sentence them.”

    Now that Zardari has firmly said ‘No’ to the demands made by manmohan what will our furious angry PM do.

    By the way almost a week after the Mumbai tragedy and 10(?) days after Manmohan’s speech and yet no news about federal agency or any plan to root out terror.

    Seems like Manmohan is left with egg on the face.

  7. Jiggs,

    Did you try to reason with them? What do they say when you tell them that they are being played by some sinister plot by some cynical people? They must be really stupid to fall for this BS. Then again may be its not so bad when such stupid people dont vote. Democracy should not suffer such uninformed sheep minded fools who cannot think for themselves.


    “‘I won’t say a word about your review. But I have to take you up on your statement that some soldiers were killed saving Barkha Dutt’s life. Nothing of that sort ever happened. Your review is your opinion. You are entitled to it. But that statement passes off as information, as absolute truth, and you do not attempt to back it.’
    Lots of people, especially Barkha, NDTV and news baiters, would take that sort of statement to be true. I don’t care about Barkha, but this surely insults the soldiers who thought they were dying for a nobler cause.’”

    Was shocked to see this.

  9. Fact is People of India is now wanting to “thrash” these pinko journalist along with Intellectual.
    Arun Shourie gave his thrashng to Vikram Chandra of NDTV when he asked that why not politcan be banned.
    Shoure reminded him to Rewind their own programme of BIG FIGHT & WE THE PEOPLE and see How NDTV had reacted during Batla Encounter and other terrorist attack.

  10. Oye…fellas….

    U dont have to be a genius to guess, whom would this entire campaign help????

    This is an deliberate attempt to deny people’s verdict.

    So, pleaseeeeee stop thinking on the lines of calling these journos, PAGE 3 junkies idiots…

    They are plain TRAITORS, thats that, they are shaken coz their so called SECULAR parties have let them down, by sleeping over the terror attacks and they dont want the BJP for un known reasons.

    People after this campaign are plain traitors, bereft of any common sense.

  11. hey guys
    anyone have link of that news on buffon rahul gandhi partying till late night in delhi a day after Mumbai attack.

    this news had appeared in Daily Pioneer.

  12. jigg dear
    actally there pants are wet as they never expected that TAJ,OBEROI would be attacked and they are the guys who frequent these place.

    question is y now “enough is enough” and not when local train were attacked,

    Please read it to get the idea of the menatlity of a socalled Padmashri.
    —–“And why should an officer investigating a terror case also be expected to be out on the street engaging in a gunfight with AK 47 wielding terrorists?”—–

    He is equating so called Sadhvi case to Mumbai terror. It is more important for him.

  14. Sonia Madam says vilas rao dshmukh is to be accountable and resign bcoz he took his son for taj tour.
    But c is NOT accountable bcoz his SON Rahul Gandhi was Partying till late night after Mumbai blast.

    So this is “accountability”………RIGHT BARKHA

  15. I am sure no one here is surprised by what is happening. The Congress is fighting for survival and their game plan is obvious – don’t allow attention to be drawn to the rotten core, just focus on the peripherals.

    Every thing that they and their sympathizers have done so far, including this insidious poll-boycott campaign, the hackneyed “don’t play politics” appeals, the symbolic inconsequential resignations so as to take a moral high ground, even the anti-politician rallies suggesting that “hamaam mein sab nange hain”, – is to make people more cynical and in a way minimize the negative electoral impact which they are sure to have. After all, this lust for power is the sine qua non of their very existence.

  16. this may be the first signs that the benefactors of congress party are scared of a real massive loss in next elections. They will not lose easy. They have the government (however discredited) and its machinery on their side. BJP needs to fight this battle on the ground and not in all party meetings and studios.

    Naqvi was absolutely right in his reaction. Let us not get squeamish and let political correctness stand in our way. Let us support Naqvi.

  17. Who exactly are these people?

  18. Who exactly are these people?

    Doormats of G family

  19. These idiots are holding a candle light dinner at India Gate in Delhi today wherein they have two point agenda. First is they want to use the some rule no.49 in consitution by which a voter will go to the booth and say he doesnt want to vote and they are saying if the people who dont vote outnumber the ones who vote then the election will become null and void.

    I cant digest the logic of these scumbags who think that non voter will outnumber the voters.
    The main purpose of this is to sway fence sitters and impressionable minds and once they acheive this objective then we can expect another rag tag government in 2009 and many more attacks in future.

  20. This is unacceptable. Asking people not to vote should be declared illegal. They are asking people to give up their only right in the govt. Anycase, most of the idiots joining will be the ones who don’t go to vote anycase. They must be the same morons who keep harping about “young” politicians, another clever ploy to enable only the “scions of the political dynasties” to govern.

  21. Actually this reminds me of a quote in Star Wars

    The Emperor: [to the Senate] In order to ensure our security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire, for a safe and secure society which I assure you will last for ten thousand years.
    [Senate fills with enormous applause]
    Padmé: [to Bail Organa] So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.

  22. The law as per our contitution for a negative vote is under section 49-O

    Here read this article from DNA:

    “The truth behind Rule 49-O ”

  23. I was discussing about this ploy by the P-secs in this forum some months back, which used to be circulated in chain mails then and now in open. It is more than obvious almost all the victims of this campaign wud be otherwise voting for the Lotus. The worst part is that the leaders of this campaign will silently press the A-button for AXIS OF EVIL.

    Wasn’t this 49-o class not avlbl in this 6 decades. Why only now???? 6 Decades of Divide and Rule, in a new avatar.

  24. Did anyone see the apology by Simi Garewal. The show looked more like a staged one by NDTV as always, with one small change of having a backup Muslim guy to shout down any possible hard truths.


    Prashant: You can get the story of Rahul partying when terrorists creating mayhem in Mumbai if you go to :

  26. 1.Is it obvious that the kind of people leading this initiative (Don’t Vote 09) are against politicians in general or simply implementing a cynical ploy hatched by UPA/left-liberals?

    If they are against politicians and democratic process in general, has any one asked them to articulate what the solution is? Who will govern us if the election process is undermined?

    If they betray their ‘alleged’ intentions of damaging the BJP’s poll prospects, then we have a clear case.And by highlighting it, we can ensure that the tactic backfires.

    In any case, a PIL against this stupidity is not a bad idea.

    But guys, come on, we have better things to do than fight these people.I am still waiting for a clear roadmap to a terror-free India by either Congress or BJP. Mere rhetoric won’t do. The BJP has to clearly articulate a few steps that it will take to make India and Indians safe.Have they done that yet?

  27. Yoss
    I too am not comfortable when people call for “not voting etc”… but I am OK with using section 49O if we are not happy with anyone contesting in our polls.

    How do you view exercising this option?

  28. @Kumar @1
    This is not a fringe element to ignore or being complacent with. These people project this 49-O as a fashion statement and as a powerful tool of protest the system, which surely is not. No wonder the media gives a prompt coverage on this to spread this to exactly the kind of audience which will take it.

    This is a multi-pronged attack on Nationalistic forces by everyone from all directions.

  29. I support using 49O for the following reason. Suppose BJP ties up with AIADMK in TN, though I want to vote for BJP, if in my contituency only AIADMK candidates stand for election, I would never want to vote for them. I have no choice but to use 49O.

    49O is an option, if used well will reform our netas and babus.

  30. Brilliant, Yossarin. It’s a stupid campaign and those two words you used – DEFEATIST MINDSET – sums it up. So true.

    I’ve also been receiving a lot of mails encouraging the use of 49-O.

    It’s utter nonsense and just another reason to not engage in democracy.

  31. @Venkat
    imo. As long as Jaya is leading that party, AIADMK is the natural ally for BJP than even SS.

  32. So we now have three groups in India calling citizens not to vote. Separatists in Kashmir, Maoists and Page3 Pinkos.

    Any videos of Rahul Gandhi attending the party floating around? Most articles seem to be reproduction of the original India Today story. Confirmation from some other source would be great.

  33. Hi All,
    Pl. visit the following blog

  34. Voting should be made compulsory and there should be some easy way to get your voter id. As for the govt’s action against terrorism is concerned the first should be initiating steps towards security of borders on every side,Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and the coastline. Apart from this govt should take strict action against the the local elements which are suspected to be involved or assisting such activities. It is impossible to imagine that only ten people came by sea route with so much ammunition and pitched against nsg army and maharashtra police for three long days.

  35. @Kumar — The only thing BJP needs to do is to annouce Namo would be Home minister. But that may not be acceptable to the NDA and “secular” western media. Our english media would probably faint with fear.

  36. @Counterview: “Our english media would probably faint with fear.”

    I dream of that day.

  37. Good that such treacherous tactics are being exposed and thereby nipped in the bud.

    Lez not forget that with dhimmedia and bollywood in their bag, the psec establishment sorta was the ‘arbiter of cool’. They decided what was kool n’ kosher on one hand and what was fascist/bigoted on the other. From NDTV’s big fight to Rang De Basanti – all prove the same point.

    Sadly for them, that stranglehold has long been loosening. Aam aadmi’s skepticism has risen. Selling him lemons is no longer easy. Guj polls in Dec’07 is a gr8 example.

    So yes, we should continue to expose this malice among media, NGOs, pimtellectuals etc for what it is. And fight back with campaigns and slogans of our own. An SMS campaign on the line of Jiggs’ slogan “vote for UPA is a vote for terror” would be a nice start…

    Another fab slogan I recall seeing in the US (suitably customized for desi conditions would read:

    ” Annoy a jholawala – Work hard, make money and be happy.”

    /Have a nice day, all.

  38. This is an extremely unfortunate development.

    It could not be more ill timed. This is the time when we must show the terrorists what we believe in.

    I want to ask how many of the idiots who are conducting this campaign have ever voted in their entire stoned lives?

    The move is regressive at a time when we must be targeting at greater voting turnouts so that democracy enters deeper levels of Indian society.

  39. Sud,


    ROTFL.. I really like the latest addition to my vocabulary…

    “Annoy a jholawala – Work hard, make money and be happy” – That’s a wonderful slogan. Captures in one single sentence the best thing to do to defeat jholawalas.

  40. Its time somebody told these Page 3 types that candlelights, lipstick and Gucci handbags dont really help fight terrorism.

    VOTES do!

    On election days, somebody should grab them by their hair, drag them along the floor (screaming and shouting) to the polling booth and make them vote.

  41. Guys,I attended NDTV’s ‘muqabla’ anchored by Debang…We were a group of vocal patriots,whom Debang warned before beginning the show,that only views of panelists will be allowed and we can keep our views in our pockets….During the entire show,He did not allow Seshadhri Chari of BJP to speak except once…..exasperated,Chari interjected once,at which Debang snubbed him…Some moronic school students were there to clap at he pseudos’ comments…..We were denied a chance to speak as Debang cancelled the audience round……..All the while,his main focus was on farookh sheikh,who was expectedly,speaking with his agenda in mind……..He mentioned 2-3 times that we are seeing terror activities since 15 years(ever since kangress has failed to form a single party govt.)
    after the show,when he was reminded that we are facing terror onslaught for 1400 years and not 15 years,he beat a hasty retreat to the autograph seeking crowd,mumbling something…

  42. 49-0 is a joke. Think about it. The election is declared null and void. The EC is duty bound to conduct another poll within a constitutionally stipulated time period. The same political parties will once again nominate candidates. So what have these dim-wits achieved nothing more than a constituency that goes unrepresented while they savor their ego. Meanwhile the rest of the state and the country is represented and getting things done while these dim-wits are twiddling thumbs.

  43. A citizen of Bharat, who preach non-voting forfeit right to live in the country. They must be declared person non-grata and kicked out.

    If they have so much hate for politicians, why not they join politics and protect the nation? They want easy life, and they expect others do everything for them.

    Voting must be made compulsory for all citizens living in Bharat. Those living outside must be provided facilities for must voting, e.g. in the nearest embassies. There must be penalty for non-voting. In case of sick, accident or other serious matters, person must provide clear evidence like true (not fake) medical certificates etc.

    In a democracy, when a govt failed the people, citizens becomes more awakened and voted that govt out of power.

    These people must make vow to dump Congress from Maharastra and Delhi and work in that direction. Why are they clubing all political parties and politicians at same level? Why not they see, Gujarat govt working to provide better security to citizens.

  44. Tks Atlantean.

    Seems to me the tide is heavily against these ‘vote-boycott’ bozos. Mizoram reorts 70%+ voting, Dilli, MP recorded ~60%! Very encouraging!

    Also, I fervently hope NaMo follows up on his offhand comment made in a speech that he would like to make voting ‘compulsory’ in all elections. No better way to moderate and make right-centrist the positions netas take. They should reflect the electorate after all!

    Right now, with 10 candidates in the fray in each constituency and the voting electorate divided along identity lines (Thakur/Yadav/ Muslim/Bram/OBC/ Dalit etc), crooked netas are able to win polls with like 20% of the vote. What representation and what perspective can such netas be expected to have? IIRC, EC also proposed a rule change calling for runoff polls amongst the top 2 candidates in all constituencies where the top candidate secured less than a third of the total votes cast. Very significant and important change, I believe. Of course, the political class is hyet to warm uop to these ideas but they are ideas whose time has come!

  45. i feel BJP should not lay out their anti terror plan in public… the congi and others will whip a campaign against it… however good it is. this will be a big loss to BJP.
    NM as HM is a dream of Indians and writing on the wall .. but again… no hurry in declarations….

    btw … can anyone explain what is this: light a candle business?

    candle lighting in India normally comes with powercuts only….candle lighting is seen in western countries…( probably their govt see the light our doesnot)

    offlate i have seen many channels appealing – light a candle in support to onething or the other….

    (i keep thinking does a jhollawalla or his near and dear one is in candle making business?)

  46. Candles were ytraditionally lit in churches as part of xtian worship rituals, probably.

    Easier to get clueless desis to light up candles and bring them culturally closer to the believers than ask them to light up xmas stars outsuide their houses, for example. Though I wont be surprised if next our deshdrohi channels start haroing on this theme to build communal harmony or some such thing!

  47. finally …

    Media may be restricted from live coverage in emergency – IBN

  48. Thanks Sakthi for the Ndtv links. Can we start email campaign to vote, to let people know about these media tactics? Also we can start you tube campaign in every language regarding this?

    If we don’t take pain now, we are doomed.

  49. LOL.. the news for don’t vote campaign on ibn website is put under Entertainment section.

  50. Prerna Mishra

    Media is kindly requested to use their discretion in glorifying these moron politicians. It is better to ignore them rather than talk about them. More you talk about them, nearer they are to their aim of being in lime light.Any idiotic statement should not be given an ear. Unfortunate as it is to have such uneducated people sitting in the chair. Not voting will not help. Vote for right people. Education, level of intelligence and intellect in that person should be pre requisite to be in that position. There is no dearth of Dr Kalam(s) in our country. Give brains a chance to rule. Give sensibility a place in politics too. Dont we have an option to loud mouths spilling filth insensibly.


    Some sort of reform is necessary. Is the winner necessarily the true representative. Some even get less than 10% of votes to win !!!

    (1) Voting should be made compulsory.
    (2) Negative voting should be considered.
    (3) Second preference may also be requested so that the winning candidate should get at least 50% of the eligible votes in the voters list (not votes cast).
    (4) Presidential system can also be considered so that smaller parties become irrelevant and once elected the Prime Minister/President will be in power for the fixed period of 5 years so that whatever the concerned party to which he belongs put before the people can be implemented without fear of being losing power.

    The present system is prone to corruption and horse-trading and the constant threat of being dislodged.

    Voting should be made compulsory. Non-Resident Indians should also be made eligible to vote and be part of the political process of their country.

  52. This is very defeatist and treasonous indeed..

    Ideally, we should always aim for 100% voter turnout, if Indians are so dismayed over the current political system, we must vote more!

    It is deplorable indeed that this comes from the upper middle class, I expect that most of them would form the educated elite of India, who would not only vote, but choose with their head whom to vote unlike others who might be more capable of falling for party propaganda..