Offstumped – Putting lipstick on a corpse

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As India continues to debate its response to the War on Mumbai, yesterday’s all party meeting had a predictable outcome – promise of actions sans any kind of strategy.

Many commentators have come out in the last 24 hours on the need for such a strategy.

Rajamohan in The Indian Express

Lead editorial in The Mint

We are now told that U.S. President George W Bush is sending Secretary of State Condi Rice to New Delhi to manage our response – whatever that means.

We are also told dutifully by The Telegraph that Rahul Gandhi has also called for such a strategy in the CWC meeting.

Unfortunately though the Manmohan Singh Government’s conduct to date has been high on rhetoric and low on substance.

The latest round of resignations can at best be described as a sideshow.

We are past the stage where individuals mattered. It is now a time for Institutional change and Strategic response.

By swapping Zombies and dead beat leaders with glib talkers and smooth operators if the Congress thinks it can wing its way to the elections it is sadly mistaken.

We need a Strategy and not merely talk that makes us feel good.

For far too long we have endured Pakistan’s Salami Tactics, it is time we returned the favor with a thin sliver strategy as espoused by The Mint.

Anything less in a response would be merely putting lipstick on a corpse

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    24 responses to “Offstumped – Putting lipstick on a corpse

    1. Here’s the opening salvo!!!!!

      1. Bombay must be declared a Union Territory with a Military Governor to start with. This is because I suspect a few more of Paki Punjabi Donkeys are loose.

      2. Congress must admit that it fouled up yet again and that the entire government is to be blamed. By sacking the Coast Guard Chief and hurling insults at the navy wont do.

      3. They must change the words ” RESIGNATION” to “SACKED” for dereliction of duty for the likes of Shivraj Patil, Vilasrao,RR Patil.

      The undercurrents in Bombay is that of dhimmimedia and the types of Setalvaad are actively preaching COMPLETE VOTER BOYCOTT OF ELECTIONS.

      Now, we all know, which party such a boycott ( if it takes of) will assist in the Lok Sabha Elections.

      IMO, Congress, PSecs, Page 3 Pinkos are worried about the growing numbers of voters in MP, DEL and as to be in Rajasthan.

      This is yet another sinister campaign by the enemy within our borders to deny public mandate to BJP.

    2. Hi ! Yossarin…

      Comment was in Moderation queue and now vanished ??????

    3. When will be the blog back on its feet.
      any estimated time/date

    4. fellas,

      vote for congress and the terrorists win!
      please watch this video and pass it on, comments/suggestions will be appreciated.

    5. Hey no one is addressing the issue of illegal immigrants

    6. Our electorate has the habit of forgetting. So: Vote BJP. No matter what Kaangress and co say.

    7. Media is playing “All politician have failed!!”

      They know congress is out of the game, so they are trying their best to create apathy towards BJP.

      I wonder why dont we have right-wing media. I think right-wing media can sent all this liberal bullshit out of business.

    8. NDTV and CNNBN keeps ranting that BJP is politicizing the mumbai attack. Now who decided that mumbai attack shouldnt be politicized? Why shouldnt it be politicized?? how are going to get results, if congress is not made to pay for it??

      BJP should make clean and clear point that they will take political revenge on congress for criminal indifference it has shown towards all forms of terrorism.

    9. I fail to understand as to how the removal or as Jiggs bandhu says ‘sacking’ of these incompetent nincompoop morons is gonna help in salvaging the situation in any way. Are they being held accountable in any way? NO! Is there any talk of putting these pusillanimous, bumbling fools masquerading as ‘leaders’ to trial for abject dereliction of duty? NO! So, all this drama of resignation or removal or ‘sacking’ is nothing but mere window dressing by the ruling cabal, ‘coz it needs to ‘show’ the gullible ‘janata’ – esp those who put them there in the first place – that something concrete is being done in the aftermath of this calamity. These morons are nothing but the proverbial ‘bali ke bakre’.
      I may sound cynical, but given the track record of such removals or resignations, esp. six months or an year down the line as this tragedy fades from public memory, we will see these same politicians being ‘re-habilitated’ in some form or another by the CON-gress high-command, ‘coz for the Shroud of Turin nee Italian Bar Dancer nothing matters more than personal loyalty of syocphants like Patil, Chiddu or MMS et al to her & her family rather than the duty towards the nation and its constitution.


      Have you heard the remark made by Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi. He was referring to the anti-politician slogans of some people in Mumbai. These kinds of remarks is absolutely uncalled for and may tarnish the image of BJP.

      Without being commenting anything against the Congress conglomeration, people are taking on the ruling establishment. Why BJP should unnecessary create controversies. Let the Congress get it from the people. Let BJP remain in the sidelines and enjoy the tamasha.

    11. In NDTV during WE the people.. Burkha dutt (the representative of Terroristan in Indian media) was in a catch 22 situation. one infiltrate. the link Niskha posted already… was shouting at Simi Grewal for pointing out Pakistan flag flying in the slums near Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai.
      This moron jumped and snatched the mic from burkha or burkka dutt and shouted at Simi saying that she is anti-national. and muslims and pakistan are blah blah… everyone was under tension. burkha dont want to continue the discussion. she somehow managed to stop the discussion then and there.. I guess that muslim moron should be sent to pakistan. or is he one of the Terrorist who just made way to Mumbai in that Karachi-Mumbai Sivaraj Patil special boat? or all the Muslims (who fire crackers when pakistan wins in cricket) are like this? Why every body afraid of them? stop all the madrassas, stop builing new mosque in India. ISLAM THY NAME IS TERRORISM! POLICE SHOULD IMMEDIATELY ARREST THAT MORON IN BLACK TEA SHIRT WHO IS ANTI NATIONAL. Like to know other folks views about it.

    12. Though jihad is the topmost trouble facing India at the monent, we have more to deal with. Kashmir is fast slipping away from our grips, all of North East too will be lost soon. Nepal is lost and China is making all the wrong noises. The Sri Lankan situation does not inspire hope. But none of the “secular” cheerleaders seem to the bothered with it. Intellectual subversion must be defeated. All the right thinking minds must network and spread the word.

    13. “””we were living peacefully, since BJP started this religion politics and castism, we are unsafe every moment””

      that is a comment from

    14. BJP leaders and people should talk in measured way, at this time. That will reflect their maturity and a party with a difference. They don’t need to engage cheap filthy sikular medias rubbish and fruastated dogs of Kangress. Let they dogs bark.

      People will anyhow scold and destroy Jihadi terrro facilitator Kaangress. It has outlived its existence. A Italian firangee run tamasha of mass-murder and butchering must end now.


      This is from Outlook India. See how Raj Thakaray praises Sonia. The cat is out of the bag. Why Congress was hesitant to take action against Raj. When the going was to hot, Congress brought another subject i.e. the Malegaon blast. During the last two months the attention of everybody was diverted from the main issue, for which there were intelligence reports of the impending terrorist strike as per media reports, why Congress played and UPA played the above game. There is something rotten behind all these. Read the story.

      “Raj opens his mouth on attacks, praises Sonia, slams BJP

      MUMBAI, NOV 30 (PTI)

      MNS chief Raj Thackeray, who was silent for the last three days, today criticised the BJP for “politicising” the Mumbai terror attacks and praised Congress President Sonia Gandhi for her restraint in the past in similar circumstances.

      In an open letter to the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, Raj said, “The filthy politicising by L K Advani and Narendra Modi after the deaths of Marathi policemen in terror attacks shows that you have an opposition that only indulges in opportunism and exploitation of people’s plight.”

      “This is not a time to indulge in politics. Against this backdrop, one must concede, despite political differences, that the restraint showed by Sonia Gandhi at the time of attack on the Parliam was really commendable,” the MNS chief said.

      Hitting out at Shiv Sena, Raj said, “Going by the inhuman and dirty writing about Karkare and his ATS in the mouthpiece of a main opposition party a few days before the attacks, it has become impossible for the police to work without fear and in objective manner.”

      Just before the attacks, ‘Samaana’ editorials had targeted Karkare and ATS for probe into the Malegaon blast case.

      “But Karkare and other 13 brave Marathi policemen’s martyrdom shows that terrorism is not Hindu or Muslim,” Raj said.

      “I urge you this is a time to govern ruthlessly. To clear out the encroaching migrants, to carry out combing without mercy,” he said.

      Raj’s letter also took a potshot at NCP chief and Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar who had earlier assured that he and his party would protect north Indians in Maharashtra.

      “I am looking for that one particular leader… Because the attacks happened when his party was in power, and when the state home minister belonged to his party.”

      Raj also touched on his pet peeve, the migrmigration into Mumbai. “I have been saying this for the past many months that corruption is rampant in Mumbai and Maharashtra, and there is no watch on the people who are coming into the city.”

      In this situation, how Maharashtra police are supposed to keep the influx into the city in check, Raj asked in the statement.

      Even a nuclear weapon can be easily smuggled into the city due to lax security at the state and city’s borders and corrupt officials, he said.

      “People ask ‘what were you doing (when attacks were on). I will show what I can do when I come to power. But as of now, you are the patrons of the state. So I hope the letter will make some difference,” Raj added. “

    16. Something interesting in the following article may be unfolding, not clearly visible at the first glance.

      Notice that the article mentions about “all-party” meeting where govt. is slammed. But who are the “all-party” constituents?

      You may notice that they are part of the confirmed “third front” constituents – CPI, CPM, AIADMK, TDP.

      But there is one party that is not yet – SP.

      Is this a sign of coming parting of SP from UPA?

      Only time will tell.


      “Govt slammed at all-party meet, PM buys time”

      Press Trust Of India

      New Delhi: The Government came under severe attack at an all-party meeting convened by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh when Congress ally Samajwadi party accused it of being weak and demanded action within 15 days.

      Samajwadi leader Mulayam Singh Yadav made the attack in the meeting in which the Left parties demanded removal of National Security Advisor M K Narayanan.

      Telugu Desam party leader Yerran Naidu said the Prime Minister promised the parties that the government would enact stringent laws to tackle terror and strength the national Security Guards(NSG).

      The Prime Minister has given an assurance that he would get back to the parties in a fortnight, Naidu said.

      CPI(M) leader Prakash Karat said India should go to the UN Security Council on the issue of terrorism while Jayalalaithaa’s AIADMK demanded revival of the tough POTA.

      CPI leader A B Bardhan warned the government against any military misadventure against Pakistan.

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    18. This is a crucial time for the country. The current sentiment is against politicians and it was grossly incorrect for the BJP to put ads against congress in newspapers even when the fighting was going on. This has given ammunition to some media apologists of congress and some commentators that BJP is making politics in times of grief. Some may say why we should not politicize it, it may make sense in elite circles who support BJP, but not among the common public. Many hardline supporters of BJP may be under the illusion that the anger of public is directed at the govt and that the BJP can get political mileage, but it is incorrect. It is important to redirect this anger into votes for BJP because there is a real possibility that the anger against politicians may lead to lower voter turnout if the situation is not handled properly.

      As far as Pakistan is concerned, we cannot go to war just like that without a valid goal. It is well known that terrorist training camps exist in NWFP and PoK. But it is not possible for India to enter Afghanistan when China is waiting like a wolf in the North East. India must not act unilaterally when the economy is down and there is another front in the north-east. We must convince the Nato to do more in Afghanistan and Pakistan tribal areas. We must do our best to suck in the Nato into any confrontation with Pak. India can lead the front against the war on terror but definitely we need material and economic help from others to sustain the campaign.

    19. Surprised?
      Arun Shourie
      Posted: Dec 01, 2008 at 0545 hrs IST

      A Shourie exposed the Congress-UPA govt

    20. One of the comments posted on Express India website, in response to the article about Deshmukh resigning as Mah.CM & Shinde succeeding him!

      Deshmukh offers to resign; Shinde likely successor

      Negligence is a punishable offence
      by Suraj on 01 Dec 2008

      Now this is politics. Its so easy in here. All you need to do is resign and run away from the responsiblities. I always believed that these politicians used resignations as an escape route. When it gets too hot all you need to say is I’m willing to stepdown. Now thats it he lays low for a while and then gets another ministry or position.Negligence is a crime even when you are driving on the roads and it should be treated as treason when you are driving a government.I’m of the opinion, all the top politicians and bureaucrats should be tried in court for this. If found guilty of negligence they should be punished accordingly.I hope some day the law in our country risies above the politics and politicians.GOD bless my country.

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    22. It is worrying signs that people are unable to distinguish the failings of this government from the policies of BJP.

      The people of India must look through the veil of the deceitful propaganda by this pseudosecular morons!!!!

      I hope people realise that not voting is not an option if they want to drive this traitors out!!!!

      As usual NDTV and likes are having a field day with their usual agenda and selective reporting.

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    24. Prag,

      if u seriously think, we have no response which we can give.
      attack Pak – Not possible
      force posturing – No use
      Go into afghanistan – with our current security system, it is equivalant to suicide
      Hand over terrorists (list of 21) – no sovereign country will do it, even US gets one odd case after arm twisting
      Covert operations – we do not have the capability

      so the only option available to us is to reform ourselves – our security system, our reaction system, our intelligence system, if possible our administrative and political system. develop a covert strike capability (it is a shame that dawood and azhar mahmood are alive after so many days).

      rest dreaming is not going to get us anywhere.