Offstumped – Bill Kristol hands it to Pakistan Apologists

Less than 24 hours after the War on Mumbai was unleashed, Offstumped had noted that Pakistan Apologists in the International Media had come out of the wood works to push a new formulation to further their agenda of appeasement of the Pakistan establishment.

Well there is some ray of hope after all that no every commentator in the West subscribes to the “Progressive Liberal” template being pushed by the Pakistan Apologists.

Noted Conservative Commentator and Fox News Contributor Bill Kristol writing in the New York Times hands it to the Pakistan Apologists. In fact the intellectual clarity and moral certitude that Kristol brings to the debate should put even some Indian commentators who have been seeking refuge in political correctness to shame.

In a piece titled “Jihad’s True Face“. Kristol had this to say

Much of the reporting from Mumbai the last few days has been informative, gripping and often moving. Some of the commentary, on the other hand, has been not just uninformative but counterinformative — if that’s a term, and if it’s not, I say it should be

Taking issue with Martha Nussbaum’s piece in the LA Times Kristol hands it to her

So jihadists kill innocents in Mumbai — and Nussbaum ends up decrying racial profiling here. Is it just that liberal academics are required to include some alleged ugly American phenomenon in everything they write?

Kristol explaining the rationale behind groups like Lashkar’s Jihad had this to say

Lashkar-e-Taiba, Haqqani explains, is a jihadi group of Wahhabi persuasion, “backed by Saudi money and protected by Pakistani intelligence services.” He notes that “Lashkar-e-Taiba has adopted a maximalist agenda for global jihad.” Indeed, the political arm of the group has conveniently published a pamphlet, “Why Are We Waging Jihad?,” that lays out all kinds of reasons why the United States, Israel and India are “existential enemies of Islam.”

Kristol closes his piece with this fitting tribute to India’s slain hero Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan

Patriotism is an indispensable weapon in the defense of civilization against barbarism. That was brought home over the weekend in an article in The Times of India on Sandeep Unnikrishnan, a major in India’s National Security Guards who died fighting the terrorists at the Taj hotel. The reporter spoke with the young man’s parents as they mourned their son: “His father, dignified in the face of such a personal tragedy, was stoic, saying he was proud of his son who sacrificed his life for the country: ‘He died for the nation.’ ”

Offstumped applauds Kristol and others like Bruce Reidel from the Brookings Institute who have called the Jihadi terror for what it is.

Meanwhile back home Prabhu Chawla’s India Today is showing some moral certitude by setting the record straight on the media spin on why BJP leader and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi visited Mumbai

Already under attack for fiddling while his showpiece city burnt, Deshmukh was further riled by news reports which said his government sat on tip- offs from Gujarat intelligence agencies which warned about the likelihood of terrorists using fishing trawlers and such like to enter Mumbai via the sea route. The reports were rubbished by Deshmukh and his aides at the Mantralaya, who said the warning from the Gujarat authorities were very general in nature and the inputs contained no specific information that could have averted this tragedy. An incensed Modi then dispensed with protocol and arrived in Mumbai and headed for the Trident.

and why leader of the opposition and the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate L.K. Advani chose not to fly jointly with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

But as in any story, there is the other side which tells a different tale and paints Advani as the villain of the botched opportunity.

The government has it that the PM was keen on an all party show of unity. Amongst those he had invited to join the hurriedly drawn up entourage were Sharad Pawar and Amar Singh. A man is known by the company he keeps and Advani may have had his reasons not to share the stage with Singh.

But it still begs the question: When Advani had offered to catch up with the prime minister in Mumbai, why was his request ignored? Couldn’t Manmohan, who has learnt in these past four and half years to make the impossible possible, have kept the larger picture in mind and persuaded the Opposition leader to be by his side in this gravest of hours? Politics aside, it’s a decision both will grieve over for long.

Offstumped closes this note to remind Indians that the media has an agenda and is not to be trusted with the way it spins stories. The media has forgotten that the enemies are the Terrorists and not the BJP. It must be reminded of this fundamental obfuscation by calling out its spin every time it is thrown at us.


17 responses to “Offstumped – Bill Kristol hands it to Pakistan Apologists

  1. Great to have Offstumped back with a new look!

  2. Kerala chief minister call Major unnikrishnans father Dog.
    This is how communist politicans treet parents of a soldier who died fighting for this country.
    Kerala time to wake up and through these basterds out of office

  3. Big noise about Modi visiting Mumbai… but i say he had the guts to do so…All other politicians were just “MISSING” seems like only as a response to Modi’s visit did Deshmukh came out of his den. Deshmukh was not seen taking control of the situation but busy addressing press….
    Seemed more to be a leaderless situation during the crisis

    And there are reports saying Advani himself offered the PM to go together to Mumbai but PM did not respond (probably waited for green signal from …u know who) … and so Advani left for mumbai.

    And why no news on English speaking elite channels about our ” would be future PM – the Yuvraaj” Congress General secratary parting hard….as people died… or was he not aware of it…
    Rahul in party mood soon after Mumbai crisis:

    Even before the tears of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s mother could dry up, Congress general secretary and heir apparent Rahul Gandhi went partying with his pals at a farmhouse on Delhi’s outskirts.

    The Prince partied hard, till 5 in the morning, on Sunday at the ‘sangeet’ for the forthcoming wedding of Samir Sharma, his childhood friend. They were at a sprawling farmhouse at Radhey Mohan Chowk, the haven of people who lead charmed lives beyond Chhatarpur……..

    Did RG bother to come to Mumbai atleast after the crisis? But he will come to garner votes for sure… Time for Janta to demand anwers

  4. Christopher Hitchens on Mumbai Massacres:

  5. It’s good to have you back.
    Ideally, I would like to have an innovative article from Offstumped on what the different “response” the GOI can make – though, “this” govt. will probably sit tight, but it will be worth looking into the different options we can take. Instead of amassing troups, we can start with a naval blockade of Karachi. The troops in the LOC cost us huge, and did not do much to pak. A naval blockade can cause more damage. Anything more dramatic the govt. may explore ?

  6. @Ashish,

    Kerala today is a mess of Jihadis lot of infiltration yesterday they arrested around 20 Bengalis may be Jihadi workers. without any passport.

    Home minister is the supporter of Jihadi terrorism, and cheif minister does not know anything only call others dogs. then another goonda pinarayi is also a Jihadi supporter then a temple hater devosom minister sudhakaran atheist is in his thinking he is doing reforms to temple. all should be sent to pakistan along with jihadis.. a jihadi called Jabbar even contexted elections last time (assembly elections) in Police there is Muslim infiltration (Jihadi supporters) lot of LET recruits were arrested recently when this bloody Home minister kodiyeri Balakrishnan was in US tour. but as soon as this goon came back everything stopped. Police themselves are recruiting Jihadis. (and why a commie have to do inUS).. all goondas ruling. Kerala assembly should be dissolved as soon as possible otherwise country have to pay for this foolish lot.

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  8. You are right, the media is on an over drive to spin stories.

    I also am not exactly incensed with Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi’s remarks, I think hea meant that dont brand all politicians with the same brush.

    Media is spinning and isntigating people here in Mumbai ( Barring Times Now), that DO NOT CAST YOUR VOTE. SMS’s have been going on and I had an heated argument with fellow commuters on the issue.

    Tommorow, they hold a vigil and some kind of protest in Bombay, to ask questions ….I dunno what, however, I will be out of this farcas.


  9. Here look it at British Neta’s flaying the BBC for not calling Bombay Terrorists as TERRORISTS.

    “BBC flayed for not terming Mumbai gunmen as ‘terrorists'”

  10. Those saying “do not cast your vote” are effectively saying “destroy democracy”. Mostly like commie loonies.

  11. Ot…

    They are not out to destroy DEMOCRACY, they are plants by the Congress.

    I have said in an other post, that the Congress is not only rattled by these terror strikes but also by the cascading effect on voter turn outs in MP and Delhi, which have been higher then expected, Rajasthan is also expected to generate big numbers.
    If some one is politicizing the entire issue, it is the Congress led UPA government. They are praying for a complete voter apathy, so that they can cling to power.

  12. Good to have you back. You are right of course. The media has started obfuscating the issue and doing its level best to protect its master — the Congress.
    I mean what is this BJP phobia . Why are they obsessed with whether BJP comes to power or not. When their concern should be , whether the Congress can give security to the citizens or not. I mean bijli, pani , sadak is ok, if you are STILL ALIVE after the congress is through with its reign.

  13. Jiggs,
    Just a thought on the media campaign on “DO NOT CAST YOUR VOTE. Shouldn’t there be a PIL against such propaganda. Asking people not to vote is equivalent to stopping people from voting and hence should be illlegal?

  14. @counterview…

    Yes..very true….

    Re. Why This BJP Phobia?

    Coz now more then ever BJP will not only win the elections, but has a chance to sweep in with a full majority.

  15. Y, Mighty relieved to have you back.
    More later.

  16. Good to see INI back!

    Keep up the spirits folks.

    Let us know what we can do from our part.

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