Down but not out

Early on the morning of December 1st, 2008, our hosting provider BlueHost, informed us via email that they have suspended as it was causing them ‘performance problems’. We discussed this with their technical support who refused to re-activate the site as their system was being overloaded.

We do not think we are running anything unusual. We have also noticed that other users using BlueHost have encountered the same problem.

We are sorting this out, and expect to be up and running in a few days time. Many of you have written in with advice and offers to help. Thanks! It’s good to know we have your support. Also, since some of you have asked, there’s nothing untoward, as far as we know. It’s a technical problem, that’s all.


11 responses to “Down but not out

  1. Is there no SLA these BlueHost guys adhere to? Can they just throw off a customer like that?

  2. Hey Yossarin….

    I am glad that this was the reason, as INI commentators over here in Bharat, were generating quote a few rumors on what might have gone wrong.



    I am very happy that the Indian National Interest blog is back in I am sure Offstumped will be back soon too.

  4. Thank God,someone has realised that you guys were working in the National interest of some other Nation.

  5. Lot of people, even my friends called me up and was asking what had happening buthe error message clearly shows.. there was a resource problem with the host. (bluehost). great to see you back. TRUTH ALWAYS WINS! FINALLY. but it may take some time. Please come back soon!

  6. As far as I know bluehost always has these kinds of problems. Why don’t you move to some site that has managed slice hosting or with an SLA that guarantees near zero downtime even when being slashdotted? I think you can take this as an opportunity to give a new look the site something similar to news sites and attract some good ads too. If you want any help in designing the site or identifying a web framework I am ready to help you.

  7. How come , and now had the same problem at almost the same time?

    It sounds far-fetched but still my $0.02 🙂

  8. I agree with Z, I too had the same $0.02..

    Anyway.. welcome back, it is a relief to have your blog again.. in whatever form, it is like pure opium for me. 🙂

  9. Yeah, even I was surprised to see the site go down completely. They should have at least let you serve static pages for a while, with comments disabled or something.

    Anyway, hope you resolve the remaining issues fast 🙂

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